Okay, I'm going to try and make this problem as clear as I can, but if you need any additional information please ask.

I'm attempting to combine some pre-existing widgets into one. The one widget I'm having the most difficulty with is the dropdown "archive" widget. I can't figure out the code I need so that it will continue to capture new posts as I publish them in the future.

If you look at my website as presently constituted, you'll see the dropdown archive widget on the bottom of my right sidebar. That's the actual widget. I'm attempting to construct the widget above it labeled "Info," which includes the dropdown archive. The bottom widget has a post for February 2013, which is a fake post I published for the illicit purpose of correcting this issue, while the "Info" widget does not.

I can figure out how to fold in the basic structure of the dropdown archive widget, but how do I make it so it will include future posts as part of the archive?

Many thanks for all of your help in advance.