Dear members and guests,

Im happy and excited to announce that after some time of hibernation CodingForums has two new administrators in charge (namely chump2877 and myself) that are also part of the active community and will be able to swiftly address any questions or issues you may have and generally make sure that everything is alright on CF. As members of the community it is in our own interest that fellow members and guests are happy and feel like their concerns are being noticed and taken care of and that CodingForums is thriving and lively.

With this ambition in mind were going to implement a few changes over the next few months that have been burning issues for a while (mainly usability and style changes); if you have anything you feel needs to be changed on this site dont hesitate to post your ideas and requests in the feedback forum. You can be certain that we consider every opinion and address them within the scope of our power (some things will have to be brought to the owner of this site and cant be decided alone, even by us admins). Your participation is most welcome as it helps us to make this site even better if our members are happy, were happy.