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    Help Resize Blog


    I'm a beginner with HTML but i need help to resize my blog using HTMl. No matter what i try it doesn't work. I use Google Chrome and the blog is Blameitonthebook.blogspot.com

    Thank you to anyone who can help!

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    Well, when you use a commercial service like blogspot.com, you lose some of the flexibility you might have on your own website.

    In this case, you have a *TON* of styles in there that specify fixed widths for the various elements. You'd have to figure out which ones are relevant to what you are after and change all of them. Ideally, blogspot should have given you a flexible and responsive page layout. That is, one that fills the page (except for margins YOU would create) and shrinks or grows as the user changes the window size. Changing all the given CSS to do that is almost surely more work than just starting over with a clean page. But whether blogspot allows that, I don't know.
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    Hi NemoRosa,

    You will need to code the CSS area and connect that to the HTML page in order to resize your BLOG. The blog is not always dynamic theme or you may just use different theme that contains responsive coding.

    You can also pull out the code to Dreamweaver and use some responsive code to the CSS area.

    Please give enough information so someone can help you if I didn't catch up with your email.

    What site do you use for your blog?
    Is the theme responsive?
    Why do you mean my resize responsive site to resize for mobile phones or other devices or the actual template?

    So please provide as much information you can.

    Hope that helped.



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    A little CSS should fix that up for you! Head over to your custom.css file to get started.
    (If you don't know where that is, open up an FTP client and log in to your webhost. Go to wp-content > themes/wootique > custom.css)

    Once inside, you'll notice it's fairly blank. That's so you can add little snippets of custom code without accidentally damaging the theme. So in short, if this doesn't do exactly what you want, no harm done ;-)

    Ok, once you're in custom.css just drop this little line of code in:

    .entry img, img.thumbnail {width: 100%; height: inherit; }

    That should tell the images to expand to 100% of their width within the confines of the content (so you keep the margins looking clean), and the height makes sure that the aspect ratio is kept.

    I hope that's exactly what you needed! Please let me know if you need any other assistance with that.


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