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    How is the background scrolling effect on this site achieved?


    Has anyone seen this website http://www.bata.com and the cool background scrolling effects it uses?

    I was just wondering how the effect is achieved. The site is showcased on Wordpress.com. Im guessing its HTML5?



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    Quote Originally Posted by moss2076 View Post
    Im guessing its HTML5?
    No, itís not. I mean, they are using HTML 5 but thatís not what makes the effect happen. HTML is for the structure and meaning of the content, not for the look or behavior. Actually, this is a combination of CSS and JavaScript, where CSS is responsible for the looks and JS is responsible for the behavior. It looks like the parallax script at http://www.bata.com/wp-content/theme...js/parallax.js is creating this effect. However, as there is no indication of this being a pre-made jQuery plugin it could very well be a custom solution. You may have to study the script thoroughly in order to recreate that, or Ė although Iím not suggesting you should do it (for copyright reasons) Ė you could just copy it and try to build your own site around it.


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