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    Question Easy stylesheet multiple colour change?


    First time poster. I wanted to ask if anyone knows an easy way to shift a whole bunch of colours in a style.css without manually going through and replacing each individual colour?

    The stylesheet in question has lots of different shades, so it's a pain picking out the exact ones I want to change - I'm wondering if there's a program or site to upload the style.css to and modify the colours?

    Any other way?

    Sorry if this has been asked before and/or a devastatingly ignorant question. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there! Welcome, I hope you'll find the help you're looking for here.

    We generally find it tremendously helpful if you post the code you're working with along with your question.

    Also, could you explain your question just a bit more? It's a little vague.

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    Not sure exactly what you want either, but on Notepad++, you can search and replace certain keys. For example...

    Press Control + F (brings up the Find function).
    Click on the Replace tab.
    In "Find what": Input your color here. For example, "f0f0f0".
    In "Replace with": Input your wanted color here. For example, "efefef".
    Click Replace All on the right.

    This will replace all instances of f0f0f0 with efefef.
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