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    Quick question about an issues i'm having with a CSS drop down hover

    I am currently trying to add a drop down menu, not exactly sure if I am doing it correctly, it's been awhile since I have coded I know shame on me.

    But fortunately, I found this awesome community

    Anyways, please view this link Website link here, just click it dude.

    So if you hover over the Prime Organic menu item in the main container at the top of the website, I'm trying to get a drop down menu, which shows, but it's very glitchy The Prime Organic disappears and reappears, it's weird.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciate, remember it's been awhile. So if I am doing it improperly please critique it. So I can do it right

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    I didn't want to take a look at your javascript, but whenever you hover over the span, you add an "over" class to it.

    This would work fine if the span was as tall as the background behind it, but it's not. The dark gray background is 71 pixels. Your span is only 69 pixels. So whenever you move your mouse down to the sub menu, there is that 2 pixel of space when you are technically not over it. As a result, the "over" class is removed, and the sub menu is no longer visible. You need to change the height of your span from 69 pixels to 71 pixels.
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