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    css or div issue


    I need some help with some css, I think somewhere in my ff.css stylesheet is a issue making my website scroll to the right

    It is fine in Google Chrome and IE I think but in Firefox on the home page and other pages, there is a scroll bar where have to scroll right but nothing is there

    Is it a css issue or a div issue where I have one too many somewhere or not enough

    The website is www.irhwebsites.co.uk

    I have tried fixing it using inspect element in FF but can't seem to sort it

    Kind regards


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    A bit of both. Try changing your body css from

    margin: 0; to margin: 0 auto;

    But you have improperly nested div tags and unclosed divs. For such a simple page you shouldn't need all those css sheets, and the body should be the same for all of them.

    The best tool I've found for sorting out div problems is to put in the bottommost style statement

    div {border: 1px solid magenta}

    then all the divs will light up like a Christmas tree
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    Hi DrDos

    Thank you for the reply

    I changed the coding in the css to what you said in both style.css and ff.css and also added div {border: 1px solid magenta} to style.css

    and weirdly it sorts the issue in FF but as soon as I comment it out, it goes wrong again in FF

    Don't get it


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