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    How to Use Relative Path

    Hello All,
    Suppose I have a folder called Parent_Folder and inside of it there are two folders namely, CSS and General_Use. There is a subfolder inside of the General_Use folder called subFolder1 which contains a webpage. If this webpage needs to link to a style sheet in the CSS folder, what would the path to the style sheet be? I have tried the following without success:

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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    Looking at what you've said above the relative path for to load your CSS should be:

    Each ../ represents a directory. It basically means move up a directory. So in your case you need to go up how many directories to get to the CSS folder and then get into it to access the style sheet? The Answer is two then access a folder in there.

    So you need to go up two levels to access the CSS folder so therefore you need two ../ parts. Somebody could probably explain it better than I have but you should be able to use the code above to load your CSS.

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                 |__ CSS
                 |       |__ style.css
                              |__ subFolder1
                                        |__ webpage.html
    It would be ../../CSS/style.css, where ../ denotes the parent folder.

    btw, if you could define Parent_Folder as the root folder of your site, you may easily use the absolute paths, beginning with a /, to refer any elements like images, scripts, css files etc. Thus, in your case, it'd /CSS/style.css
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