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    How To Get Rid of Lines Around Image?

    Here is the page.

    scroll down to the mid of the page and you'll notice there are lines around the buttons- ''small business computer repair'' and ''residential computer repair''.

    Those are png image files. And I'm using Wordpress for the site.

    How to get id of the lines?

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    Hello pumalean,

    The borders around those images are being created by the same styling that is adding borders to the images directly above them. If you only want to remove the borders from the buttons you mentioned then you have a few options.

    1. You can edit the HTML. This would mean finding the two image tags, and editing them to include a style attribute:

    <img src="http://richmondcomputerdoctor.com/images/business-button.png" style="border-width: 0px" />
    If you have the same situation across several pages then this method would become inefficient, as you would have to find each tag on each page.

    2. You could change the style declaration. It is in line 528 of the file "/wp-content/themes/clockstone/style.css".

    #container a img.image_shadow {border:1px solid #dadada;}
    The above change to the style declaration would mean the border applies only to images with the class of image_shadow, like the two images above your mentioned buttons. However, if this specific border is being relied on for other images in other sections of your site this may cause them to loose their border as well.

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