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    Getting an image to do what I need it to

    My site is at http://www.cerebral-coitus.com (nothing too bad, but it is nsfw)

    I have an image that I'd like to appear roughly like this: http://i.imgur.com/xSNHF.jpg

    The important thing is that it must go behind the header text, but on top of the grey content block.

    If the browser window is resized, it should also stay in the same place relatively to the header text.

    Can this be done?

    I'm a beginner with html and css.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Hello cerebraic,
    When you start putting elements on top of other elements, you will want to use absolute positioning and z-index.

    Look at it like this -
    <div class="content-outer">
      <img href="your/image.jpg" alt="description" id="newImage" />
    <div class="content-cap-top cap-top">
    <div class="cap-left"></div>
    <div class="cap-right"></div>
               .content-outer {position: relative;}
        #newImage {
          position: absolute;
          top: -10px;
          right: -10px;
          z-index: 1;
          /*for display only:*/
          height: 200px;
          width: 200px;
          display: block;
          background: #fc6;
    .Header h1 {
          position: relative;
          z-index: 2;
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    Haha, I had no idea there was such a thing as z-index!

    Thank you very very much, that worked perfectly and its exactly what I wanted

    I especially appreciate the code examples, made putting everything in a breeze.

    The only thing I needed to change was the top margin, I tried it in FF, chrome and IE they all seemed to want -30.

    Thanks again man!


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