I am trying to center my page but after i added a spry menu bar my table width has been too large so the text is to the left of the table.
How can i reduce the size of my table?

You cannot physically see it on the site but the scroll bar down the bottom moves right into an empty space and in dreamweaver's design view i can see that the tables is too large.

I assume it has something to do with SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css because when i remove the link to that file the table goes back to normal.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Enlarged table: http://cbcelc.dx.am/newsletter.html
Normal table (before spry): http://cbcelc.dx.am/activities.html
CSS: http://cbcelc.dx.am/CSS/General.css & http://cbcelc.dx.am/SpryAssets/SpryM...Horizontal.css