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    float right and images

    Let's say I have a container div with overflow: auto which also has a width of 900px. Let say I have a div set to float left with width of 400px. And another div float right of 400px. The div which floats right contains an image 450px. The result is a bottom scrollbar appears because the image can no longer fit in the div floating right. Is there a way to forced the image to pull the entire div away from the right edge of container so it doesnt overflow but still leans against the right side of the container?

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    Can we have a link to your page? Or please provide some sample code.
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    I think you may have over specified things a bit. Here's what I would suggest. Put both images in the container div, without being wrapped in divs themselves. The images don't 'spread out' the way that divs do. Set the width of the images to, let's say, 48%, and then float them.


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