Greetings all master minds and simpletons of the internet.
Before I formulate my problem to this post if there are any manuals or "Coding for Dummies" reference pages that do adhere to necessary instructions when coding algorithms into html; studying up on any of your educated suggestions may be the best solution for me to properly comprehend any upcoming advice and answers you present to my questions.

To give my equation at the point where I have designed the main function of the website, which is to internally/automatically record and display how many purchases on the site are made within a 24 hour time span. The math that would arise from this is subtracting 20% of the total amount purchased (on the website in those 24 hours) and have that sum transferred to a designated account.
I will leave it at Total $.00 amount x .20 = sum to be transferred to account #.
I am not sure how else to describe the function, my apologies if the details are poorly articulated.