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    Better to use a blank image spacer or empty div?

    Is it better to use a transparent PNG spacer to help position photoshop slices on a webpage, or to just use a div with set height, width and disply:block set in an external style sheet?

    I figure the blank image could make the page load slower...or excess css for the div could make page load slower (though the difference is probably negligable), or one could have more browser compatibility issues than the other...which is best practice? Both methods work fine in firefox.

    Let me know your thoughts!

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    If you used a Transparent PNG image, the browser would still have to load the image regardless what the image was of or what colour it was.
    Also you'd probably still have to define the width and height of the image so that while the page is loading the image the structure wouldn't be broken up. Otherwise, the page structure will look just as if there is nothing there while the image isn't loaded.

    As for a div with a defined height/width or margins/paddings, that would be much quicker to load ... a page with purely just HTML/CSS elements loads very fast... so any slight extra time the page takes to load an empty div would be hard pressed to notice/measure such time.

    However, I do have a suggestion ... is it possible for you to just add a margin to one or two of the elements you want spaced instead of adding an extra div?

    If not, I'd suggest if it's speed of the page you are worried about, especially if you intend using a lot of spacers... then you may want to use the div elements, as images do take longer to load than HTML/CSS ... especially noticeable by people with slower connections than yourself.
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    Or you just us an empty div and give it a height and a width. Don't need to be "display: block" . Maybe try as well float: left; or float right;

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    I would use a div with clear:both and one height.


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