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    Newsletters and background images


    I've been hitting my head on the desk over this for the past day. I'm programming a newsletter in html and some inline css, and quite frankly I have to resort to tables etc. because the damn Outlook 2007 and up wont support much else.
    I've been having trouble getting the background image of my content part to show. Apparantly, outlook will only show a background image if it is referred to in the html 'background' attribute of the 'body' tag. So I can't center this image. Here is what it should look like:

    I can easily get this to work, and it shows alright in Thunderbird, Hotmail etc. but the background image (which is only around 5px high and 829px in width), which loops of course depending on the amount of content, simply wont show in outlook 2007 and up. If I use the body tag, I can't center it. I've tried a table where the side borders of the content part are cells, but outlook won't show table backgrounds either.
    I'm seriously about to flip over this. Anyone have any experience/tips for this type of problem? Changing the design is not really an option. I'm new to this and could really use some help!


    P.s. What I've also tried: As mentioned above, I split the content part into 3 cells: the left side border, the actual content space and the right side border. I was thinking, what if I just put an images into the cells that are for the left and right border. Can I loop these images somehow? Problem is, that table/cell background images simply won't show in outlook 2007 and up.

    P.p.s. All this works in Outlook 2000 and 2003
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