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    Question When flash not an option, what's alternative?

    I’d like to add an animated graphic to my website’s landing page – it has no functional purposes other than simple esthetic reasons. I’ve created the animation in Flash, but I know flash is still incompatible on quite a few devices such as iPads and iPhones…etc.

    So is there an alternative that’s compatible with all browsers/devices: Shall I use a movie instead of flash format? I know one alternative is to render it as an animated gif – but I’m hoping for something smoother.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Like you said, an alternative is a GIF image, another ideea is to use the HTML <object> tag. I think it supports SWF and FLV, or MOV.
    See here HTML object some examples.

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    No, the object element is not an appropriate alternative (even though it should be). Depending on the complexity of the animation you can create an image sprite, to be used as background of an element, and “animate” the background position (i. e. change the position values dynamically) with JavaScript. An article I found with a quick search is on http://addyosmani.com/blog/jquery-sprite-animation/


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