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Thread: New Site

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    New Site

    Making some headway here.
    Will add low resolution and low conection speed pages as I go here.
    This the hi-speed version.
    still having problem with onClick in Navigator 4.0
    Also the mouse trail does not seem to want to work in IE.
    Any way trying to bring a little flair to the rodeo world usually their sites are pretty primitive HTML stuff unless you go to the pro level. What do you think.
    Wanted to do this in CSS type for so that all reolution would display the same but Navigator 4.0 dosen't seem to want accept it.
    It will make the mouse trail display but thats about it.
    Thank You.

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    You may want to consider pre-loading the images for your menu button and the buttons that appear after clicking the "Menu" button. There is a delay (especially noticable on a dial-up connection) in the mouseover image swaps .
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