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    Question Which to learn first: Javascript or PHP?

    Hi, everybody!

    I just learn a bit of HTML and CSS3, I already know something about Wordpress and I'm already building websites and editing wordpress themes with that knowledge. But the thing is that I want to give another step forward and I've read that the possible next steps could be PHP/MySQL or Javascript.

    When I was a teen, I read some books about programming so I'm familiar with how programming works. I don't think I need an "introduction to programming".

    My actual objective is to work as a Web Designer with the future possibility to add services as a Web Developer.

    I just had a few clients and what I'm doing for them is to install Wordpress and tweak the theme with HTML and CSS to make it look as I want.


    All that said, I don't know what to do:

    Would it be more convenient to first learn Javascript to improve the visuals and the User Experience of my websites?


    Should I first learn PHP/MySQL to have more control over Wordpress or to develop my own database/dynamic solutions combined with my already existent HTML/CSS knowledge?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    why not learning both? even with a relatively small amount of knowledge you can start using them.

    properly learning either language takes years and except for the syntax both languages are completely different.
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    Thanks for your reply, Dormilich!

    I found this book today on Amazon:
    Learning Php, Mysql, and Javascript and Css: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites

    Just what I wanted!

    I'll learn the basics of both at the same time.

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    Great, that's a good step you have take, learning php and javascript together will help you build powerful dynamic sites.


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