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    What kind of coding is required for my website?

    I am building a community website where others can sign up, create their own profile, message other players, add friends, and join teams that other players have started and administrate their own team page. I want to provide them XP points as well which can be earned in forums, profile completion, logging in, and some other ways. With the points, you can go to shop and purchase those points on upgrades.

    Profile Customization:
    - Avatar (Profile Pictures)
    - Customized Username (Only once and will be used in forum)(Be able to change if enough XP)
    - Post Status Updates (Can be seen by friends/everyone)
    - Add links to their profile
    - Create a bio
    - Add tabs to profile such as Profile/Games/Work/Videos/Other (You can choose)
    - Will have stats for forum posts, profile views, forum post views and more.
    - Can message/add friend/remove friend/block/unblock/report
    - XP points for profile completion
    - Contact Info (Choose from list or add your own)
    - Show your team stats/profile on page (Must have a team page on our website.)

    Profile Upgrades: (XP shop)
    - Change username color (Take effect on profile, forum, and more)
    - Buy username effects (Affect profile, forum, and more)
    - Add a profile banner (Where you can upload for advertisement.)
    - No ads (Certain amount of time or forever)(Must be logged in)
    - Change username

    Forum: (Just some ideas) (Thinking about creating one from scratch but it will take a long time.)
    - Names will be username with styles (if bought from XP shop)
    - Showing current team in postbit
    - Showing reputation
    - Showing forum stats
    - Gain XP points for forum posts and replies.

    Those are features that I would like to add in the future.

    As for forums, to make it the same login system as signing up for the website (not the forum), is it able to put forums such as MyBB or PhpBB into my website and don't have to sign up for the forum, just have to sign up for the website. If so, I wouldn't mind tweaking codes to make it work.

    My main concerns is the kind of coding required to make it all work. I was thinking HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. Is there anything else or any other suggestion to help make my project come true?

    I looked at other websites such as
    phpFox - It's great but not quite the theme, and website type I need.
    Drupal - It was recommended to me for framework but just don't know much about it.
    Django - Don't know what this is really.

    Preview of website's home page.
    http://gyazo.com/48375c81f920c727a071cdd45a331065 - Done in photoshop. (Not officially done)

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    Basically you're making a message board, aka forum, aka bulletin board, like this one. There are many available, find one you like.
    Welcome to http://www.myphotowizard.net

    where you can edit images, make a photo calendar, add text to images, and do much more.

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    What kind of coding is required for my website?


    You can use CSS ,JavaScript ,and HTML coding language for your website.

    If you are a JavaScript developer, you probably know that the quality and correctness of your application are crucial.
    HTML is responsible for the construction, and the total output, of a page.
    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another widely-accepted web-design language.
    CSS can edit things such as element width and height, background color, border, alignment, and actual visibility, for starters.

    These are the information of coding then you choose those coding you are like.


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