I am personally not a developer. However, I am leading an application project from the business user design perspective. As a result, I am not sure which forum or forums this would best to post a question to, and guidance on that is certainly appreciated, but I selected this forum. I know the developer we are considering working with is using ASP.NET along with jQuery and ADO.Net.

Anyway, my question is, we were hoping to developing an input screen for financial statement line items (such as monthly revenue, monthly cash balances, etc.) that would appear as rows, with an input box for the current months data, and then alongside those input boxes would be one or more columns (i.e. by "columns" I mean visually on a grid/matrix chart like a column in an Excel spreadsheet) containing the same monthly data for prior months (and or sums of multiple months) drawn from fields previously input (or calculated) and saved in the database.

The developer we are talking with has come up with a tools that allows a next best solution in which the months appear as rows and the line items like revenue are columns. However, he is not aware of any tools allowing the webpage layout the original way I described which is simply inverted. I believe this developer is highly knowledgeable and experienced, but even people like that do not always know of everything out there, and given that plus my curiosity to learn knew things, enjoyment of research, the challenge, and ultimately the preference for having it set up the way we like, I figured that I would take a shot in the dark and ask if anyone either knows of a potentially suitable tool or solution, or if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction of someone else who might know where I can look.

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance and I appreciate your time in looking over my novice question.

Best regards