So I'm thinking this is a tricky one, but I know (or hope) that someone here may have a solution.

My website (www.grammarproofing.com) has a quote widget for customers to use. Customers enter a number and select a package which then generates a price.

However, whenever I get customers that haven't visited the site, I have to write out a long winded email explaining the different prices. I could always just tell them to visit the site but that's not the kind of customer service that I like to offer.

My thought is that if I could simply copy the webpage into word and include the functionality of the widget, I could alter the wording, which I could then simply cut and paste into an email.

Alternatively, would it be possible to create another webpage that only I could access, which again I could simply copy and paste the contents of into an email.

I do hope that someone can help me.

Please accept my thanks in advance.