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    Strange Issue: Site slider broken.

    Hey guys,

    So i've done a bunch of trouble shooting, putting to use the advice I've gotten off this forum. To no avail, I've hit another sticking point and don't have a clue what to do.

    massive-media.ca - the slider on the site had 3-4 images rotating through, as you can see in the source code. For reasons I cannot discover, the slider is broken showing that loading bar continuously. The slider itself is embedded in the theme they use and through the history of the site I can confirm that no changes were made since the issue has started. Last edits were late January and its only started breaking this last week.

    Where it gets weird, is when I load it on mobile (iphone) there is a snippet that indicates the site was hacked. A very long string with 5-6 backlinks to various streaming/cashadvance/porn etc sites. There is no difference in url between mobile and desktop so not sure what its only being produced via mobile.

    I've scoured the source code on the pc and found the code ONCE but havnt been able to replicate.

    Any advice? Im floundering

    Thanks guys,

    again :S

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    What is the "'disqus.com/forums" stuff about that is inserted within your Nivo Slider section? I'm guessing that is where it's stuck (not loading) the nivoslider. Take that out for now and get the nivoslider working.

    The other part about the mystery links ...
    Yes, there is something getting inserted right after the <body> tag.

    <body class="home blog">
    <div class="letheader_e">
    <p>Compared with as regards to learn what people put a payday loans online Australia <a href="http:// .... blah blah blah .....ave their bad things differently.</p>

    Hard to say where that's coming from, but I'm guessing it's somewhere in your theme directory files. Or, check your .htaccess file and see if something is corrupted there. That will be too hard for us to answer without seeing your actual website files.


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