Hi all,

Can someone comment on this? I've recently been reading about all the things in software development that "used to" matter, apparently. I'm not sure if they do anymore. Either that, or I'm not sure if the majority of the developers out there today take some of these things into consideration.

In short, I guess I'm asking this: Have some of these concepts become obsolete because of server automation and other things that have happened over the last few years? Here are some techniques and issues I read about so they can remain fresh in my mind (just for my own sanity and professionalism, more than anything):

  • memory management / allocation
  • calling / referencing / pointers
  • recursion
  • leveraging
  • stacking
  • instancing
  • threading

Does anyone here discuss some of these issues anymore? I know a lot of people that, for the purposes of time management more than anything, don't talk about these things and let the machines do all the work and simply trust them. There's nothing wrong with that, but quite honestly I miss this stuff. This is at the forefront of creationism in computing.

Any comments?? thanks.