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    Mozilla Persona Login Script: Coding Forums Plugin (here at last!)

    Mozilla Persona Login Script: Coding Forums Plugin

    A working, secure login script, free to download and upload to your website, interacting with the Mozilla managed, ID verification system (link at bottom of page).

    The Operating Principal
    Mozilla provides a service that links a web users email address to a password of their choice, which is encrypted within their browser.
    The user ID is therefore their chosen email address.
    The provided login script activates this service, when a user chooses to sign in.
    The user is presented with a popup displaying their email (or a choice of emails).

    If they are working from a secure PC (say at home) they could have specified password validity for 3 months.
    In this case, they simply click to continue, and their website session is setup, and their email address is presented to the website as a variable.

    If they are working from a laptop they could have specified password validity as being for one session only.
    In this case, they will need to enter their password.

    The initial registration process is a one-off verification of their email address, using the classic email with activation link.
    This results in a Mozilla hosted account that can be visited at any time, in order to add or change email addresses, and modify the password.

    • Offers high security for the user, because the password is not logged on any web servers.
    • The system works for all Persona enabled websites
    • The website developer gains an easy to implement solution that only requires management of the user ID, if they wish to log that information.
    • If they merely need to ensure their site visitor are verified humans, the system provides this functionality immediately, as it stands now.

    As such therefore, the system is ideal for both the new inexperienced developer, through to the professional programmer.

    Why A Coding Forums Plugin?

    The current version (v1.01) of the script is very basic, in terms of its 'out-of-the-box features'.
    It sets up the browser session, verifies the user is who they claim to be, and provides the email address as a variable.
    The experienced programmer would then build upon that, to create an interactive session with the site database.

    However, to leave it at that would be to throw away a truly remarkable opportunity.

    "A secure login system for everyone."

    Mozilla have provided this system free of charge to the community.
    It must be the community that then picks up the batton, and carries it forward to its conclusion.

    At Coding Forums we have some of the top programmers on the planet offering their advice and guidance.
    We also have proven interest, in terms of the thousands of people who viewed my first post on this subject (over just a few days).

    Where better place then, to bring this project?
    Where we can produce the plugin that will become a standard throughout the web.

    Can that be true...... its a bit pretentious no?
    Actually...... I'm confident that this can be achieved.

    I searched on login script and none of the major secure login systems (OAuth, Open ID, Mozilla) appeared on the first three pages.
    The desperate website developer is left to struggle through a maze of outdated and insecure scripts, that have been uploaded by well meaning individuals (often from years ago).

    The system developers are just not interested in promoting their work.... probably because it is just not their thing.
    They do advanced coding, not website promotion.

    But we can do that, and, in parallel, produce a secure login plugin that is worthy of the name.

    Therefore the project has two elements:

    1. Script Development
    2. Website Promotion

    Everybody can learn the two elements at the same time, so that we all gain the secure login script that we want, to work with our websites that have been correctly coded to match the needs of the major search engines.

    Script Development
    The primary requirement is to develop the script to work with a mysql database.
    Meaning that we need to learn how to create the database, and manage our data using the latest secure methodology.
    Ie. A secure fully working plugin containing good commenting and some step by step instructions.
    (that alone will ensure the script pack is downloaded thousands of times just by Coding Forums members)

    Other features can be discussed as we go.

    Website Development
    I had a domain that was not being used, so this presented an ideal opportunity.
    To setup the site from scratch, to include Google Analytics, translate, click to recommend, and all the optimisation code (?) .
    We'll all then discover, what it takes to go from zero (no pages indexed except the root index.html).
    The analytics pack will tell us exactly how many clicks and searches etc have occurred, against the first indexing of the pages, and then their rising in search rank.

    Whilst all that is happenning I'll outline what has already been done, and what we might consider doing to further enhance page reputation.

    Here is the search link to the root index.html (max-haut-debit .fr/)
    It has a canonical link to the targeted prime search document, therefore all the visit reputation should be transferred to the prime target doc.
    Whether this reputation will accrue upon the pages being indexed, or whether it will speed up indexing..... I just don't know, as this info appears not to be documented.
    My thinking is that by getting to the site using a search link, then we get a double whammy with Google:

    Google Search Link that loads our plugin site to No. 1 slot (don't forget to click the recommend button on the target page )

    This is a direct link to the root:
    Consider also clicking this as it will produce referral click record.
    This is highly valued by search engines as it shows that the site has been approved by another established site..... effectively letting the web community judge how good a site is, and using that info to establish ranking position:

    Mozilla Persona Login Script: Coding Forums Plugin

    I don't think there is any point yet, in linking to the target doc, as it is not yet indexed.

    I'll report back in another post on how the visits are going.

    PS. The site, you will see, looks as though it has a fully functioning mysql database. However it hasn't.
    I've used local storage for the used ID, so it is effectively a 'keep me logged in' system.
    I haven't documented it yet but I will..... its a very small snippet of code added to each page.

    PPS. Consider going back via site entry on the main menu page, and clicking the link to Coding Forums.
    This provides a referral link record to Coding Forums and shows that the web of links is working as is meant to be.
    For the same reason, don't forget to visit javascriptkit via 'Coding Resources'.
    They are friends of Coding Forums, and already have a number of scripts that could be useful for our plugin.... I'll email them (if they haven't already spotted this post) to ask for a linkback to our plugin site.

    We'll go into more detail in another post re this aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO).

    I look forward to your comments, and hopefully your support in making this project happen.

    Don't Just read the documents.... Join Coding Forums and get involved

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    The discussion regarding how best to move this project forward is taking place on the javascript forum here:

    The fundamentals of website security are being dealt with, hopefully so that we can then go on to code a fully working login system integrated with a mysql database.

    In effect: a simple to use, simple to install, login system that allows the developer to concentrate on their web site rather than the security of their users data.


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