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    Facebook Ticker issues - FireFox

    I used the "User Styles" add-on with FireFox to get rid of the new FaceBook Ticker,
    then applied the "FaceBook - Ticker Remover". But the right column does that thing
    where it stays in one spot on the screen when you scroll.
    I can erase the whole right column, but I can't alter the fixed position.
    My goal is to let it scroll up and disappear, like the left column does.

    If anyone knows the CSS or Javascripting to make it "unstick", let me know.

    I noticed that the right column works fine as long as the sidebar is "enabled".
    When you hide the sidebar and the user list goes to the left, that's when
    the right column becomes "fixed". Maybe that's a clue. I'm sort of thinking
    it's a javascripting issue.

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