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    With what Language should I best use to Make this?

    Well, My community wants to start a monthly online magazine. The magazine will basically have around 20 pages. Each of the pages will have some kind of words/picture or combination of the two. And at the bottom of the right page if you click on it, it will turn the page to the next page and the bottom corner of the left page if click will take you to the previous pages. With what Language is this best made in? and Easily change the content? And any idea with how to approach this? Thanks in Advance.

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    If this will be a graphical interaction, like actually turning a page,
    you should use Flash, with an XML file system for the Content Management.
    Hire a Flash programmer to develop the graphics and animation,
    then use a CMS system to affect the articles, photos, etc with XML files.
    Flash works good with XML.

    It's a big project though.
    You didn't this in the PHP/MySQL section, but that's what will be the main scripting you use.


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