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    How can I change button text individually (using actionscript 2)

    I have a flash file with buttons (which are instances of the same button symbol).

    The button symbol is made up of a rectangle with a text field.
    When I duplicate the button 5 times (for example) to make 5 buttons and then I change the text in one of them, it changes for all of them.

    But I can write individual onRelease script for each one.

    How can I change the text for each button to be different without also changing all the others.

    I tried writing button1.text1.text = "button text123"; on the main canvas, but it doesn't work.

    I know I can make duplicate symbols and use one instance of each but then it is a huge hassle to resize all the buttons, because I have to resize every symbol one by one, or remake them all, just to change the width for example.

    I use a program called Sothink Quicker (but it's very similar to what Macromedia Flash was).

    Here is an example of the swf.
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