I'm rather new to coding and am having trouble on an animation I am working on. I'm using A.S. 3 and I'm trying to make Flash jump to a following frame after 2 separate selectable MC animations have completed. I can get it to work for one(by just adding the gotoAndPlay to the end of the MC itself), but if it's the first MC clicked it would jump ahead without waiting for the other to be clicked.
The instance names of the MC's are "redOff" and "orangeOff". I tried this but it doesn't work for anything, although I don't get any errors either.

This is on my main timeline:

 if (redOff.currentFrame == 30 && orangeOff.currentFrame == 56) {
Where 30 and 56 are the last frame of the MC respectively, and "five" is the frame label on the main timeline.
I'm thinking I have to have link the MC's to the main timeline somehow, but too new to know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have also tried adding an eventlistener for a complete event, but couldn't get that to work either.
Thank You