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    Flash search in XML

    anybody know how to make flash search for certain entries ( by title or similar things ) of entries that are in an XML file and just pull all the information of that out? I have been trying to get it to work but it keeps on failing

    the XML file ( code ) that I use at the moment is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Item SKU="10167402" title="22265004210" department="11" quantity="7" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10167403" title="22265004234" department="11" quantity="3" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10167832" title="600603138904" department="11" quantity="4" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10168681" title="600603138188" department="11" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10169136" title="719192581333" department="11" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10169334" title="600603140181" department="11" quantity="3" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10172232" title="770332086972" department="11" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10162590" title="609585191167" department="12" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10165772" title="600603139024" department="12" quantity="9" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10166912" title="719192580923" department="12" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10167143" title="885170042704" department="12" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10173952" title="770332086903" department="12" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10175596" title="22265052402" department="12" quantity="10" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10176357" title="719192582651" department="12" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10138800" title="27242784918" department="14" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10164564" title="74000372849" department="14" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10166052" title="770332086071" department="14" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10166914" title="719192580930" department="14" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10166937" title="719192580947" department="14" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10167990" title="22265004289" department="14" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10167991" title="74000373099" department="14" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10168404" title="770332086729" department="14" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10169750" title="600603138911" department="14" quantity="3" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10157985" title="745883591916" department="39" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10158517" title="185323000378" department="39" quantity="2" counted="0" />
    <Item SKU="10158519" title="185323000897" department="39" quantity="1" counted="0" />
    I would prefer if the layout of the XML doesn't change, but if not able to do it without changing the layout, so be it. what I will be using the most to search for things would be the title

    thanks in advance

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    ok, I found a template that had that and was able to edit it, thanks for nothing anyway


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