Hi All,

I’m facing issues when trying to maintain web browser behavior consistent for the back and forward button in one of RIA based web portal.

Scenario – I have to launch hybrid applications from home page which includes Flex and HTML apps.

Scenario which are perfectly working –

1) If I continuously navigate through HTML applications and pages inside, browser itself take care of history. No fragments are added programmatically – No issue.

2) If I continuously navigate through ONLY Flex applications, using deep linking concept and adding fragments and browser back and forward button works as expected – No issue.

Scenario where there is problem – The moment I start navigating randomly between flex and html applications I get into trouble. In IE it is little bit better but in Firefox it is worst.

I’m looking for some kind of guidelines and thought either I should modify adobe history.js or include some other javascript stuff or anything else, which can make this navigation seamless. This is not a R&D work for me; I have to deliver this piece of functionality within a tight timelines. Request to give your thought ASAP.

Thanks and Regards,