I'd like you to have a look at one (or both) of the following websites/examples...
Both of which are some of the *best* examples of entirely flashed based websites ever created (in my opinion anyway).
Now my first question is what are these types of sites called... l think l've seen this type of "website" referred to as a ''modular flash site'' - are these types of sites what people are talking about when they ref. to a modular flash site?

So in a nutshell, l'm an amateur flash developer that's interested in taking it to the next level, would anyone happen to have any books (l've just purchased flash mx magic from amazon.com it's on its way now), or better yet web resources/tutorials on building flash sites such as this. I've googled my fingers to the bone, and can't seem to find any material that helps much with this type of site design. I don't want to clone either of them or anything, just learn the techniques and mechanics used to design a flash based site that comes out as powerful and professional as the examples above.
Are these types of sites made up of several smaller .swf files and then loaded into the main flash movie.. such as explained in this tutorial:

and also on a side note: lets say l've drawn a layout in photoshop that l'd like to use for my "flash based" website...
what is the best method/industry standard to import the layout into flash?

Should l save them as .pgn files with transparent backgrounds (when needed) and then change the properties to lossless .jpeg once imported into flash?

I know l've covered a years worth of topics in one single post, but l was hoping someone with more experience would take a few minutes of their time to explain some of these things to me. Thanks for reading this!

Samantha Gram