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    Angry AS 2.0 Linking movie clips.

    I have some knowledge of Flash, but not enough obviously. Right now I've got the standard scene 1 with three frames on it. the first frame has a movie clip with about a 70 frame timeline. the second frame has a movie clip with about a 20 frame timeline. the third frame is black with a stop action. i'm trying to make a leaderboard banner, and i need each clip to play one after the other.

    right now, when ctrl+enter it plays nothing. i actually have to rewind it to have it play the first clip. then it just repeats the first clip and completely skips the second. in the first clip's timeline, I have a parent.gotoAndPlay(2); on the last frame.

    can someone PLEASE tell me what i'm screwing up.

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    ok create a new layer
    This layer you span the three key frames of your timeline
    ok rather than type it all out see attached fla.
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