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    Lightbulb Read external JSON file with AJAX does not work

    I'm trying to read an external JSON file via AJAX and then display the content with JavaScript. If I import a text file then it works, but the JSON file does not read. I've attached the html and JSON file for reference. Any ideas what's going wrong here?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Quote Originally Posted by shamil.v29 View Post
    IAny ideas what's going wrong here?
    For one, you have a syntax error in your JSON file. JSON syntax is more restrictive than general JavaScript syntax in that it doesn't allow trailing commas in objects. So, the comma after {"city":"03", "num":"456"} needs to be removed.

    Second, you're attempting to parse the data argument as if it were a JSON string; you can work with the argument directly since it's already an object.

    Last, is that AJAX triggers off a readystatechange event which is occurring after your last four lines of code have been executed. (This isn't at all apparent because you're using jQuery instead of vanilla JavaScript.) Put all of your event-dependent code (i.e., the last four lines) within the success function; this will cause your code to be executed in the expected order.

    Here's a vanilla version of your code that uses correct HTML and drops the jQuery:

    <!doctype html>
    		<meta charset="utf-8">
    			[hidden] { display: none; } /* IE9–10 support fix. */
    			th::after { content: ":"; }
    		<h1 id="title" hidden>Title Placeholder</h1>
    		<table id="jtable" hidden>
    				<td id="jname"></td>
    				<td id="jage"></td>
    				<td id="jstreet"></td>
    				<td id="jphone"></td>
    			(function () {
    				"use strict";
    				function checkRequestReadiness(handler) {
    					var request = this;
    					if (request.readyState === XMLHttpRequest.DONE && request.statusText === "OK") {
    				function makeRequest(method, URL, handler) {
    					var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
    					request.open(method, URL);
    					request.addEventListener("readystatechange", checkRequestReadiness.bind(request, handler));
    				function addTitle(request) {
    					var heading = document.getElementById("title");
    					heading.textContent = request.responseText;
    				function addPersonalInfo(request) {
    					var addressBook = JSON.parse(request.responseText);
    					document.getElementById("jname").textContent = addressBook.name;
    					document.getElementById("jage").textContent = addressBook.age;
    					document.getElementById("jstreet").textContent = addressBook.address.streetname;
    					document.getElementById("jphone").textContent = addressBook.phone[0].city + " " + addressBook.phone[0].num;
    				makeRequest("get", "title.txt", addTitle);
    				makeRequest("get", "addressbook.json", addPersonalInfo);
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    Awesome dude!!! That works. Thanks heaps!


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