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    Lightbulb Please help me in getting different rowid's for newly added row

    Hi everyone,

    I have a necessity to add records to a table (Grid) using javascript.

    I have a problem while deleting rows and adding new rows(Getting same rowid for last two rows) ...

    When creating new row i had taken existing rowCount, but when deleting in between row i am getting same rowid for the last two...

    Please help to overcome this issue...

    Here i am attached my sample code...

    Thanks in advance....

    var tab = document.getElementById("tabaddrow");
    var rc = tab.rows.length;
    var row = tab.insertRow(rc);
    var send = parseInt(rc) + 1;

    var cell0 = row.insertCell(0);
    var element0 = document.createElement("select");
    element0.id = "sel@" + send + "_1";
    element0.options[0] = new Option("--Select--", "0");
    element0.options[1] = new Option("Text Box", "1");
    element0.options[2] = new Option("Check Box", "2");
    element0.options[3] = new Option("Radio Button", "3");
    element0.options[4] = new Option("Password", "4");
    element0.options[5] = new Option("Select Box", "5");
    var onchangeFunction = new Function("", "var elem = document.getElementById('sel@" + send + "_1'); selectval('sel@" + send + "_1');");
    element0.onchange = onchangeFunction

    //*********code for deleting***********

    var table = document.getElementById("tabaddrow");
    var rowNumber = rowId.parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex;

    var agree = confirm("Are you sure you wish to delete the row?");
    if (agree) {

    if (parseInt(document.getElementById("tabaddrow").rows.length) > 0) {




    Thanks in advance,

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    Why don't you just store the highest id number in a (global) variable and increase this variable while creating a new row? This way you won't have double entries.

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    Why dont you use the DB Store functions itself? (Sorry for my bad english)
    What do you try to make. Smartphoneapps?


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