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    Development Environment

    Say there are 10+ programmers and software engineers working on a project and you want all of them to have their own local copy of the code. Once they push their update to the server, any code that was pushed by other team members is lost. How would you go about preventing loss of updates by other team member, yet still allowing each team member to update the code.

    Is there a way to dynamically update the code that the user is already editing? Is there a way to prevent code loss? Thanks for the help in advanced.


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    In hosted software (e.g., web site/application, database not shrinkwrap software) development, a development environment refers to a server tier designated to a specific stage in a release process.

    Development, staging, and production is a common arrangement of tiers.

    A more comprehensive list of tiers:
    Environment/Tier Name Description
    Local Developer's desktop/workstation
    Virtual Machine VM hosted on developers desktop or possibly development server
    Development Development server aka sandbox
    Integration CI build target, or for developer testing of side effects
    Test/QA For functional, performance testing, Quality Assurance etc.
    UAT User acceptance testing
    Stage/Pre-production Mirror of production environment
    Production/Live Serves end-users/clients


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