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    c++ or java? please help!

    Hi everyone!

    Baiscally I dont know what to study.
    I know a bit c++ but the problem is that there is no formal qualification for c++ but there is for java.
    I read up on java and it seems hard compared to c++.

    so what would guys recommend?
    if c++ how would you go about getting a job without a qualification?

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    C++ is inclusive of CompSCI degree. You would have the same opportunity getting a job as any other language covered by that degree. I think though in this day and age there is going to be more market/pull for a specific language that is more 'evolved'
    Java w/ a BS J2EE
    CompSCI with pursuit of MSDN Cert in C#, VB, or SQL
    CompSCI with pursuit of objective C Cert (if there is one)

    I code C hash-tag .Net
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    Other than this, it will be more better and in fact recommendable if a person has the knowledge of C++, as it is the language which is implemented in java programming. So a person has two advantages. Firstly, he gets to know about C++ and secondly he has an idea about Java programming.


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