I'm writing a report for my college class about what it takes to get into the field of computer programming and i need to obtain information from someone who is in the position of hiring entry level computer programmers. it would Really! help me out if someone has time to fill out these questions. I know its asking for a lot but if anyone has the time it would be highly appreciated!

1. Tell me a little bit about the company? ( Main focus, how did it start, who are your customers, company growth,etc)
2. Where do you see the industry in 5 years?
3. What makes the company successful?
4. What are you looking for in a potential candidate?
5. When interviewing a potential employee, what questions do you expect them to ask you?
6. How could a typical day on the job be described? How much variety is there on a day-to-day basis?
7. When you look at resume, what is your main focus in terms of order and importance, reference?
8. How do you feel about networking as a tool to research potential candidates? (ex. LinkedIN, Facebook?)
9. What education, experience and qualifications are need to enter the field as entry level position?
10. What is the salary range and job responsibilities?
11. What is best liked and least liked about this field / job?
12. What is a typical interview in this field? How is it different then regular interviews?
13. Is there a demand for people in this field?
14. What special advice could you give a person entering the field?
15. What types of training do companies offer persons entering this field?
16. Which professional journals and organizations would help me learn more about this field?
17. How can a new graduate obtain experience in the field? How and where can one get internship?
18. What types of technologies and software is used in the field?
19. Would you have any more information that will be of use to me?
20. Can you suggest others who may be valuable sources of information?