Hello everyone. Probably a very newbie question, but here goes anyways.

Here is the code I have thus far...

(I know it's not php....only thing available here though...)
PHP Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim URL As String
    Dim Flags 
As Long
    Dim TargetFrame 
As String
    Dim PostData
() As Byte
    Dim Headers 
As String
    Dim first
    Dim last
    Dim password
    Dim email
    Dim viewemail
    Dim swingtype
    Dim level
    Dim validated

"http://links2k3.hostingdog.net/version2/validate.php?first=" firstname "&last=" lastname "&password=" password

PostData "Information sent to host"

PostData StrConv(PostDatavbFromUnicode)

Headers "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" _
.Navigate URLFlagsTargetFramePostDataHeaders

End Sub 
What that page does (the http://links2k3.hostingdog.net/version2/validate.php one) is it takes the first, last, and password and checks it against the MySQL Database, then I can return a Y or N on the page....

How do I use that Y or N in the VB Program?

Thanks in advance,

- Troy McCormick