I have a problem, hopefully you can help...

I am calling the following function as part of an SQL statement:
WHERE b.End_Date > to_date('" & DateAdd("d", -1, formatDateTime(Now, vbLongDate)) & "', 'mm/dd/yyyy')
It appears to crash my machine and return the following error

Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A000D) Type mismatch: '[string: "Tuesday, October 08,"]'
However, on another machine it works fine. I believe this is something to do with how the PC handles the date, however, on the machine that runs fine and my machine all regional setting for Date display are the same. I'm stumped.

I would like the date to be read "08 October 2002" it does this on the correct machine using a simple ASP test, but on my machine it displays "Tuesday, October 08, 2002".

Anyone got any ideas?