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    2 accounts with outlook express

    I have 2 email accounts which get directed to the one account, so if you send me an email at corn@fed.com or mat@corfed.com for instance they are forwarded to my matt@mybusiness.com account, in outlook express. How do i set it up so that when I reply to email forwarded thorough corn@fed.com my reply address is corn@fed.com and not matt@mybusiness.com. hope this makes sense. The reason it has to be like this is because 2 people are using the same computer.....

    unfortuantly you cant just check the 2 accounts in outlook.

    If anyone has an ideas, please help me.

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    This should do it

    Go to


    Select the mail tab and left click once on the account in question.

    There are a few tabs and fields to fill in but the one you want is the reply address. Put the address you want the mails to go to when replying to a mail sent from the 'special' address.

    Save the changes.

    I hope that's right as I'm doing it from memory.
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