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    MSI BIOS update gone horribly wrong

    So after fighting through some weird instability issues I decided to update my MSI Mpower Max Z97 BIOS. Forum post pointed to the BIOS being the culprit and I was 9 versions behind. After getting the update I ran the windows installer and closed all programs and waited. Ten minutes later the screen went black and the machine is still on appearing to idle for the last 30 minutes. Activity lights are flickering etc. I'm afraid to turn it off for fear of completely bricking the system. Am I too late? The post code LED is reporting the temperature like normal. ~28C so idling.

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    "windows installer"... and BIOS? Uhm... no. You probably already bricked it.

    You either do it from the BIOS' built in routine (if any), a floppy (if any) or a bootable USB stick... or not at all. Anything that tells you it can do a BIOS update while windows is running has packed you so full of sand you could change your name to Sahara.

    You are going to have to reboot to find out how badly it's screwed. IF you can get into BIOS or at least get to the point where you could boot from a disk (being a Z97 you should be able to do it from the BIOS) you would install the new BIOS from there (off either a floppy or USB stick). If it doesn't even get that far, well...

    You've bricked it. Leaving it on isn't going to change that.
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