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    Question Starting a tech business, currently a freelancer.

    Hello, I am Usha , it has been just over a year since I started to work as a freelancer(Web and Android Dev).

    I live in India which is considered a place to get cheap labor, so I don't make much. The most I have made ever is $2800 a month. I average around $2000 a month.

    I have saved around $5K till now and hope to accumulate a total $10k by the year end.

    So please note that I don't have much to invest.

    I get my gigs through online freelance websites, so they take around %10 and then they send it to PayPal which deducts approx %7 and then the Government takes 12.36% as Service Tax and then another 30% as Income Tax, so if I make $2000 I end up getting $1027 after fees and taxes.

    I want to make more money but I don't where exactly to start, I have short listed the following options and would like to know what you think about it:

    1.) Build Android Apps, Games and LiveWallPapers: I know much about android and have more than a couple of ideas. I just need to know more about graphics(OpenGL, game engines and Math), I can sell them/put ads/offer in-app purchases on Google play for $$.
    2.) Build HTML/Email templates, WordPress Plugins/Themes and sell them online for $$. I know enough of to get started but need to brush up on designing skills
    3.) Build a very simple SaaS site and offer services. Ex: A website that makes Facebook contest apps for you. I have absolute knowledge of working of SaaS.
    4.) Freelancing, I have knowledge of more than a couple things so there is always a job out there for me, but in most cases it sucks the life out of me, being repetitive and I end up getting much less $$.
    5.) BugBounty: I can get involved in BugBounty programs online. The only thing stopping me from doing this, I am scared of wasting my time and not finding any bugs or finding duplicates, and being not particularly a definite source of income.

    I am a bit foolish and think that I can do all this (One at a time) on my own (only tech side), but when I see huge corporations doing these I get scared. Do you think, I can do these all by myself? If yes, why do corporations so many people then?

    Why is there EA games if there is Indie?

    1.) I have worked as a web security for a SaaS based company for 3 months and am currently involved in bug bounty programs, so I know basics about Web Security.
    2.) I am intermediate in Java, Android, Javascript, PHP, Classic asp, MySQL, Unix, Photoshop, CSS, ActionScript 3, WordPress Plugins, Firefox/Chrome Addon dev, basic design technologies. I have studied and worked on these in college, was intermediate in the past but have lost touch: C, C++, C#, ASP.net (C# and VB.net), Basic, Python, Perl, Ruby.

    What I will be learning/revising in the next 3 months:
    1.) Vector Maths
    2.) Matrices
    3.) Basic laws of Physics
    4.) ( Game || Set || Graph || Number || Color ) theory
    5.) Probability
    6.) Basics about SEO
    7.) Communicating better in English
    8.) MVC
    9.) More about designing and topography. Get a taste of graphic knowledge.
    10.) WordPress Theme dev.
    11.) Git and SVN

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    Easiest way is to simply create yourself a great website and start marketing it and your services.

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    It sounds like you're in the same boat as a lot of my friends who are web developers. The stress, headaches and tediousness of constantly building websites for clients wears them down. It stinks but there is no easy answer. I would say you have 2 options as front-runners:

    1) Keep improving as a freelancer and your rate will rise. Freelancer programmers whether in India or elsewhere can make a lot of money or very little depending on their skill sets, resume and connections. Also, although it may seem irrelevant, it is VERY important that your English is as close to fluent as possible. I'm sure you know that many, many clients are willing to pay more for a freelancer who is fluent in English even if the quality of the work isn't affected.

    2) Decide on an idea you like for an app, website, software program, w/e and run with it. This is going to suck for a long time and the freelancer route is definitely the less risky path. There is a very good chance you spend a ton of time on a business and see absolutely nothing come from it. There is no easy way to summarize this path other than by saying: you can do it but it will take a LOT of work, learning and possibly tears.

    Good luck with whatever you decide! You are fortunate to have the programming skill set you describe, that is a huge advantage that most people don't have.


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