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    PHP.MySQL/C Programmer

    Hello, I am new to these forums, so please don't be too hard on me

    A little background:
    I live in London, I am 17yrs old and I have done a few programming projects.
    I currently go to Sixth Form College, just finished the AS year of biology, chemistry, physics and maths, but I no longer with to follow the medicine route.
    When I was around 13, i was interested in modifying games, i then started to modify a Quake3 based game. From this, I learnt how to use C compilers, code in C make new functions arrays etc. I also know a bit about 3d modelling and animation.

    Recently, i started to take interest in website development. I am now more interested in the 'back end' of web development, i prefer to work on creating custom content management systems, specifically file handling and using MySQL DB's. I have made a few websites, but they are not online right now. I wouldn't say I'm a pro at PHP, but I have a fair bit of experience writing my own code.

    I am looking for some advise as to where I can lead myself to in terms of a career, what can I do with interest in PHP. I also don't mind coding in C, as it seems very similar to PHP.

    I enjoy programming more than designing, especially backend website management.
    I want this as a career, but i'm not sure what exactly to do.
    Please advise,

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    what a restless nature. You are super fit in the field of IT. I recommend you to go into complex application development. Java is the best option for working on long term and complex web applications


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