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    Smile What are the most in demand programming languages and services that would be ideal to

    What are the most in demand programming languages and services that would be ideal to provide such a service?
    I am considering doing an online business of online computer services.
    Like to focus on providing programming services to clients to create projects etc.
    I like to ask you all what are the most in demand programming languages?
    As well other in demand computer services that are recommended?
    I would be willing to provide all types of services if possible to keep market open and service all types of client.
    Looking at ideas of a start frame. Perhaps to the tune of different backgrounds.

    Considering to perhaps have a way to grow in the industry perhaps.

    Learn how competitive the markets are.

    So what are all your opinions on starting such a business idea?
    Would such a venture be feasible to do from working out of Canada.

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    Most in demand programming languages and services


    thing you have to keep all that is the correct idea because there is no demand for particular language because it depends upon the person to person.

    Personally I consider Magento to be the best shopping cart software. Magento is very user friendly CMS and i am satisfied with its performance.

    Its easy to use modular architecture offers unprecedented flexibility and control over online store operations.


    James Riklan
    Attune Infocom Inc
    Email : info@attuneinfocom.com
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    As with any kind of marketing, the best way to go about it is find out what appeals to your customer base and formulate your message and advertising based on that.

    IMO, most non-technical website owners don't give a crap about what language you used. They want something pretty, and something functional. They want an interface that is simple and easy to use. Focus your message on how the end-product will look and behave, and provide example websites demonstrating this.

    With all of that said, I have no idea how anyone makes a living doing freelance website work, especially us folks living in North America. We are undersold by cheap labor (by cheap I mean inexpensive as well as "cheap") from overseas which makes it difficult to compete. Most people are going to place higher value on the price point than they are the quality of the end product. I've seen lots of garbage code from India but if the website looks OK, most normal people don't give a crap how easy or hard the code is to modify later. Until, of course, it becomes later, and they need their garbage code modified. Then they can't understand why they're being asked to pay so much for a "simple" change.

    But try convincing someone they should pay twice as much to get the website built, just so the code can be easily changed 5 years down the road.


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