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    Help deciding future

    I need some help deciding - more along the lines of education, actually - what is "what" I'm looking for in deciding to be learning. I've always wanted to learn computers and have some very slight knowledge, but after not finding a job with my Music BA I have decided to learning computers online.

    So I have decided to take some online classes - will take - and was wondering what is the most important things to start with? I was thinking about web design or web master gigs. So I need to learn Java, right? What else? C and C++? What are good online sites for getting certified in these fields? What classes/skills are just flat out essential?

    Any and all help, no matter how small in contribution, will be massive aid to me. If I'm going to pursue this, I want advice of people that are already successful so I can do this right. Really means a lot to me!


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    Your future shall be decided young padawan, but not in the Java/JSP category.

    Now that I have moved your thread, your destiny shall unfold as planned.
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