Not sure if this is in the right forum (please move if so)

Moving onto the main reason for me posting this thread, I am looking for someone or a small group of people talented with Javascript or C++ programming and an advantage would be if you had knowledge regarding HTML/Website Design

I will obviously be paying you for the work but as this is a business plan I have put a lot of thought into and would like to exspand into a succesful business I would love for you/all to partner alongside me to make this as succesful as I know it could be!

Thank you very much for reading, if you would like to know more or are interested/meet the requirements/know someone/a group who would be interested with this, could do one of the following:

- reply to this thread
- message me via the website mail feature
- message me via my personal e-mail adress (

P.S: I know the information on this thread is very basic but if you contact me further I will be more than happy to share my ideas/what I want to happen and I would be very thankful to anyone who is interested to also hear their ideas to try and make this very succesful =D

Thank you for reading.