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    Business plans advice

    Does anyone know of a good guide and template for a business plan? I've tried doing a few, but when I get to the financial side of things, I struggle as I have no idea on what the income/outgoings will be! How can you say what you'll be spending/earning when the market for a business with 'no name' is just starting out?

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    I use a software package for business plans (by Palo Alto). It worked well for me in my MBA and I am using now to write a plan. The financials are tough, but they offer templates and examples in the package.

    Things to think about:

    1. What is the product / service you are offering?
    2. What do you want to charge? (If you don't know, look up other companies selling the same thing and see what they charge)
    3. Look at the fiscals for companies that offer what you plan to sell and see what they make in a year. (Try Hoover's online, for example, to look up companies.)

    The rest is a bit of guess work, but hopefully this will help get you in the right direction.


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