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    I need some direction and advice

    Guys im friggin lost, Im an unemployed former police officer injured in the line of duty. My career is over, I need to find income but due to my injury I cant stay on my feet long, and I have trouble sitting upright for long periods of time. I even get uncomfortable driving with my seat leaned back as far as it can go and still be able to safely drive and see.

    Before I was a cop I did basic web design, mostly front end stuff. I was partner with 3 other friends w a small web design business. But in 2005ish we could hardly give a website away, no one wanted a site.

    Well Q up 2017 and everyone wants a site now. I already have my first customer, a used car lot opening in July. So I will need to build a site with a PHP back end so he can log in and update/change/add inventory. I dont forsee myself having any issue figuring out how to get the site up and running by then as I have nothing but free time to do it.

    Im lucky in that my wife makes good money, so we can afford to have me sitting at home like a jobless teenager playing on the PC just improving my knowledge on code. But I dont want to be a poor ******* forever so I need to keep pushing forward.

    So HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java are the languages I have been working with. Total web design and hosting is my current business model. But I want to do more and im not sure where to go. There are so many damn programming languages now my head is spinning.

    I need to decide on a programming language I can sit down with at home and learn like at home. If I can find one I can get totally into I will eat it up. Right now im attracted to the idea of focusing on PHP, but im not sure thats the language I should put the majority of my efforts into. I guess what im asking is if you were in a situation where you are pretty much stuck working from home, but wanted to have a good income and work for yourself, which direction would you go knowing what you know now?

    I dont do well in classroom settings, but I excell at hands on learning. give me a task I dont know how to do and I will figure it out on my ownand actually remember it. Vs classrfom settings where its in one ear and out the other. So i need something I can work on creating projects ffor myeself

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    As you already know HTML, CSS (both are programming languages for front end), PHP (which is a back end language) and Java (for Android applications), it seems like you know pretty much enough.
    I'd suggest you learn JavaScript, it's a language for writing front end. Also, if you want to be a good developer, you should learn as many Frameworks of each language as possible. Frameworks give you more opportunities, you can do better projects, more complex once, and of course, these projects are more expensive.
    As for mobile development, Android market becomes bigger and bigger, so it's better to focus on it.
    I think all this would be enough for the first time. Good luck on your studying!
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