Guys im friggin lost, Im an unemployed former police officer injured in the line of duty. My career is over, I need to find income but due to my injury I cant stay on my feet long, and I have trouble sitting upright for long periods of time. I even get uncomfortable driving with my seat leaned back as far as it can go and still be able to safely drive and see.

Before I was a cop I did basic web design, mostly front end stuff. I was partner with 3 other friends w a small web design business. But in 2005ish we could hardly give a website away, no one wanted a site.

Well Q up 2017 and everyone wants a site now. I already have my first customer, a used car lot opening in July. So I will need to build a site with a PHP back end so he can log in and update/change/add inventory. I dont forsee myself having any issue figuring out how to get the site up and running by then as I have nothing but free time to do it.

Im lucky in that my wife makes good money, so we can afford to have me sitting at home like a jobless teenager playing on the PC just improving my knowledge on code. But I dont want to be a poor ******* forever so I need to keep pushing forward.

So HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java are the languages I have been working with. Total web design and hosting is my current business model. But I want to do more and im not sure where to go. There are so many damn programming languages now my head is spinning.

I need to decide on a programming language I can sit down with at home and learn like at home. If I can find one I can get totally into I will eat it up. Right now im attracted to the idea of focusing on PHP, but im not sure thats the language I should put the majority of my efforts into. I guess what im asking is if you were in a situation where you are pretty much stuck working from home, but wanted to have a good income and work for yourself, which direction would you go knowing what you know now?

I dont do well in classroom settings, but I excell at hands on learning. give me a task I dont know how to do and I will figure it out on my ownand actually remember it. Vs classrfom settings where its in one ear and out the other. So i need something I can work on creating projects ffor myeself