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    IT Programmer Analyst - Associate's degree worth it?

    I was wondering if anyone our there working in the field could offer any insight on something I am mulling over.

    I am a production planner at a steel fabrication company. I took several basic level programming classes in high school and college and enjoyed them. I used this basic experience to teach myself VBA programming within Excel which has also led to some SQL. I use this ability extensively to automate many processes for my department and to analyze large amounts of data for management and I enjoy it to the point where I am thinking about trying to shift my career in this direction although probably still within manufacturing so I could piggy back off of my experience.

    I found a degree program offered by the local technical college called IT-Programmer-Analyst. I definitely donít want to be a peon in my career, but Iím wondering if this is a good starting place where I could get into the field sooner and work my way up, or if it is better to just go for a CS bachelors right away even if it means an extra 3, 4 years (part time) before I could get into the field. I also am a bit concerned at the age of 28 that by the time I get a bachelorís degree I will be too old to be starting in such a fast moving field.

    I think that to "real" programmers, VBA is looked down upon; however I believe the logical thinking ability required for it has to be a good foundation for any kind of programming. Anyway, I'd love to hear anything anyone knowledgeable has to say on this topic. If you could include your level of experience that would be great too.

    Thanks much,

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    I believe the age of 28 is really not a problem to begin a new career so I recommend you get a CS bachelor. I began to be a IT engineer at the age of 28.


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